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Autions, auditions.

ZOMG I DID IT. JYP. I submitted another application~

As many of you may or may not know, I auditioned for SM. I sent two with different e-mails to make sure it got there.
Oh it did.
A reply the morning after (I sent it at around midnight.) I was well chuffed! The other one got a reply almost a month after, so they definitely didn't send it by mistake. But they haven't contacted me since. So here's the big question: Did the reply even mean I passed this time?

The e-mail was:

Did anyone else get it? Is it definitely that they would prioritise me in the global??

And today, after a lot of hard labour, I submitted another to JYP. Just to let you know; their site only works on internet explorer. At least on Acers with vistas.



Ohhh it's been a while. A long while. My last post was about Yuto's birthday.
I should be ashamed.
But I'm not, since he's better looking than most HSJ members. /shot

I just wanna say...

(I still think it's great though, but Johnny's boys aren't the best exactly.)

Now I'm more into KPop.
Big Bang, F.T Island, SNSD, 2NE1, SHINee, Daeguknamah.... and much more.
And non-mainstream music like Julian Perretta, Kina Grannis, David Choi...

But my all-time favourites are:

F.T Island, Linkin Park, SHINee, The BOSS, Orange Range, F(x), SNSD, YUI, Kina Grannis, Hadouken, Arashi and KAT-TUN (I know, but they're great, trust me.)

The most important thing is, now I like music for the music, not the looks. Although some of the boys listed above are (~*u*)~

Yuuuutoooo!!! Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday to Nakajima Yuto, who is now 16. Yay!
n England, he can already live on his own and stuff. And also drink alcohol... I think.  I wasn't paying much attention about legal age limits and stuff in my guidance lesson...

He's turned from this:

Into this:

So hott <3

And tall.

And hotttttt <3 wipes drool off keyboard

Death Note

OMG. I found all three Death Note DVDs, two of which are Limited Editions, in my local library. That is actually very amazing considering how crappy Devon is. I thought I should brag about this since I'm just that sad it is a very rare chance to find such a thing here, let alone three. Although I did find a thick magazine novel thing called "the Gothic and Lolita Bible" last month, so I guess we're advancing multicultural-wise in Devon. Anyway, after that I got excited and tried looking for some Johnnys-related DVDs but couldn't find any. I decided then that here is an unfriendly place for a JE fan like me. *sob* D': But then my sisters and I had a Death Note movie marathon, so that made me feel better. I could've been better had I a tub of Ben&Jerry's... Ah well. And I really love Toda Erika's style in the movies, especially the top she wears with the chainy sleeves.

I'm DONE!!

.... with my exams.

I have done all my exams for this year, apart from music but that doesn't matter. So I am freeeeeee as I don't particularly need to study anything until next september. Although I do have to 're-sit' my history mock since I did an epic fail and got an E. It's such an annoying mark since my grades now will go A A A* E A A B. AARRGGHHHH!!! But it doesn't matter all that much, really. It's not even a proper mock and the re-sit is doing two questions at home with the mark schemes and a powerpoint of informations provided. And we get given ten days to do it in, so really, it's like a short coursework.

Enough of my ranting.

Have you had a listen to Yabu and Hikaru's "Tears and Smile"? It is SUCH a great song. Thank you to kamichan-ya3 for posting the song. It's one of those songs that makes my stomach go funny 'cause it's so good. Seriously, I think Yabu and Hikaru would be better off as a duet, but then, they manage all the JUMP happenings and I think JUMP would be doomed without them. Of course, not doomed doomed, but they won't be as popular.

I've heard that Yabu is going to be yakuza. It sounds exciting. Also that he'll have a new stage production. Those should be quite great. Also that Hikaru would be starring in a drama soon. Is this true? If it is, then does anyone know the name of the drama or what it's about and when it'll be released?

Like every HSJ fan there is, I also think it's about time for an album or at least a new single soon. I feel like they're going to end up disappearing....

Also, I do like the NYw/BIS song Akuma na koi, and I think that the drama Koishite Akuma would be great. I'm waiting in anticipation for the release of the first episode. :3

Short message


Just a short message; I haven't been posting anything because of my exams, and I won't be posting anything until next wednesday, when my
most important exams are finished. So, I am very sorry that my Journal have been looking abandoned lately.

In happier notes, it's Akanishi Jin's birthday in exactly two weeks, which must mean that it's going to be my birthday, too!!! Yaay!! I will finally turn 15, wooooo!! (meaning I'm one step closer to my death...D:)


Sunny Days and Frescatos

I bet you're all thinking "What the heck's up with the title?!" right?
Well, It's completely and totally irrelevant~!! Today's theme is Sundays and height problems, with yellow coloured words.. (*_*) I was going to talk about sundays and this was the first thiing that came into my head. Before I knew it, instead of typing 'Sundays' on the title thingymabob, I typed in that. I came up with it with my friend once, after buying som frescato on a hot day whilst shopping, and I justkindablurted it  kinda just blurted it out... and what onearth is up with the space button?!! This annoys me =_=

Well, anyhow, I decided I was gonna do Sundays, apart from today. I will try hard to post every Sunday with some sort of weird post or another. Every week. (Apart from if something really exciting happened or if I just really want to post something). Why am I posting this on a Monday, then, you ask? It's because I keep putting this off and finding better stuff to do, but today... today... I have homework. And today this *is* the better thing to do. Ha ha~

Ah! that's right. On Wednesday I'm performing in three different schools for my GCSE thingy. It's apparently 'required'. It's the crappiest play ever on how if you drink, you'll end up as a loser. Makes me think why I chose it in the first place. Haah.

Today, my friends were discussing height issues and I was wasting my time looking around on the site and found translations for the HS7 UltraPower radio show. I read a lot of the ones with Keito-kun in it. He was drinking milk to become taller... And my sister says her friends have been drinking this thing to make them taller. This all made me feelvery height concious since I am one of the shortest in my year group. So I told my mum and my sister I wanted some of the stuff, but they said it was fine, I was tall by Indonesian standards, I'll be tall when we move back there. And besides, it's easier to find a boyfriend who is taller than me so I could feel protected by him. But it is painful... no... annoying, like REALLY ANNOYING if everyday your friend has to check if he's taller than your other friend, even though he was already tall enough that I come up only to his shoulders. Heee... I'm not making sense (^.^). Anyway, I was really concious about my height, but after reading the translations of UltraPower etc. I decided, I'll play up (or down) to my size and use it to my advantage, like Chinen-kun does.

All in all, my point is.... what is  it? That! Yeah, that thing! Exactly. That's my point, you see now, don't you? >.<

Oh~! And I need a profile picture or whatever and find a better layout (but this layout is good, too! Please don't be disappointed, layout-maker-san! It's just that I want something that represents me better...)

Uh, that's it for the week. I think.
Ja ne~!

Oh Oh OH!!! The days of the week ARE written with capitals, right?

Heyyyyyyy everyone!!!!!
(Sorry, bit hyper at the moment.)

I thought, since this is my first post, I shall introduce myself. It only makes sense that you know slightly about the writer of the journal you're reading.... right~? <3

So, here goes.
I am n_kawaii, I'm not actualyy that kawaii, though, it's just that there are so many users on LJ that most of the names I tried failed, and this was the one I happen to come up with at the very last second. You can call me Nad, Naddie or simply N. I am not going to say anymore about my name.
I am a fan of Johnny's Jimusho. My top 5 is slightly unusual, though. It kinda goes like: 1) Okamoto Keito 2)Yaotome Hikaru 3) Nakajima Yuto 4) Nakamaru Yuichi, Ueda Tatsuya (Joint places~) 5) Fujigaya Taisuke, Yamashita Shoon. I would put Taiyo on there somewhere, but he's not a JE Anymore +_+
I am exactly ten years younger than Akanishi Jin :D
I like music. Anything goes. Well, not anything. But most things. Mainly alternative and Jpop, though.
I like mangas. Reading them, writing them, drawing them...
I also like books, shopping (for bags, shoes and hoodies especially), Jdoramas, and... and.... SWEETS!! All food that has sugar and chocolate and tastes nice. Yum~

Well, hope you enjoyed me talking about me. Feel free to add me as a friend (since my real ones don't have LJs D':) if you want. And... that's it, I guess. Oh! And I may start posting random pieces of doodles that I proudly call "comic". Whether you like it or not, It's up to you.